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Trucks Keep Hitting CSX Bridge in Suburban Buffalo

February 2, 2021

A CSX bridge in suburban Buffalo, New York, has been struck by vehicles three times this year and at least 64 times since 2000.

The bridge, located in Tonawanda, spans Young Street and has a clearance of 11 feet, six inches.

Signs warn of low clearance and truck traffic is not permitted on the street. But overweight trucks continue to use the street and strike the bridge.

In one instance, the driver of an empty semi trailer truck that had been badly damaged after hitting the bridge continued on his way until stopped by police.

A recent incident involved a truck carrying pre-prepared means bound for Canada while another involved a truck carrying empty Crown Royal bottles.

Tonawanda Police Captain Fred Foels told the Buffalo News that it is difficult to explain why the incidents keep occurring. He began documenting them in 2000.

CSX officials must inspect the bridge, which was built in 1918, after every strike. They said the bridge remains structurally sound.

That doesn’t surprise Foels. “You look at it, it’s a battleship,” he said. “These things were built to last.”