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Automatic Federal Transportation Spending Cut Blocked

November 23, 2019

Transportation agencies will not be subjected to automatic reductions in federal transportation funding as a result of a repeal of a clause of the 2015 Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act.

President Donald Trump signed the repeal this week, which was included in a continuing resolution to keep the federal government operating for another 30 days as Congress tries to work out agreements on fiscal year 2020 appropriation bills.

Otherwise, the funding cut would have taken effect on July 1, 2020.

The rescission of funding had been inserted into the original FAST Act as a means to lower the program’s overall cost.

Much of the cut would have adversely affected public transit systems by imposing a $1.2 billion cut to public transportation funding that would have meant a 12 percent across-the-board funding cut to every transit agency in the nation in FY 2020.

The FAST Act authorizes $287 billion in transportation funding from the Highway Trust Fund and will expire on Sept. 30, 2020.

NARP Decries Amtrak, Transit Budget Cuts

March 17, 2017

The National Association of Railroad Passengers said Thursday that the Trump administration budget for Amtrak for the fiscal year 2018 appears to have been adopted from a model proposed by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

The administration described the budget blueprint as a “skinny budget” and it contains few program details.

NARP contends that while President Donald Trump has talked up the need for transportation infrastructure investment, “his administration’s first budget guts infrastructure spending, slashing $2.4 billion from transportation. This will jeopardize mobility for millions of Americans and endanger tens of thousands of American jobs.”

The budget, which must be approved by Congress, would end all federal funding for Amtrak’s national network trains.

NARP said this would leave 23 states, including Ohio, without rail passenger service.

The Trump budget would also cut $499 million from the TIGER grant program, which has been used to advance passenger rail and transit projects and eliminate $2.3 billion for the Federal Transit Administration’s “New Starts” Capital Investment Program, which is used to fund the launch of transit, commuter rail, and light-rail projects.

Political analysts have noted that no budget proposal sent to Congress has emerged without changes.

It is likely that transportation advocacy groups will lobby Congress hard to restore the funding that Trump wants to cut.