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Troy Station Battle Comes to Quiet End

August 31, 2017

A dispute that lasted for 20 years over building an Amtrak station in Troy, Michigan, came to an end recently with the city council formally accepting the final $1.7 million in federal funding for the Troy Multi-Modal Transit Center.

The money was used to finish paying for a transit center that is used by Amtrak’s Wolverine Service trains between Chicago and Detroit (Pontiac) and local buses.

Troy, a suburb of Detroit, is known for its conservatism and many fights took place in city council chambers over whether to accept federal funding for mass transit.

The struggle also included a lawsuit over who owned the land beneath the transit center.

The city contended that it did, but shopping center developer Gary Sakwa disputed that and filed suit.

It was eventually settled with Troy paying Skawa $4.2 million to get clear title to the property.

At one time Troy and the neighboring city of Birmingham made plans to create a joint station for Amtrak and transit on their city borders. But Birmingham backed out of the plan and Troy went it alone.

Megan Owens, the executive director of Transportation Riders United in Detroit said transit has never been an easy issue in metro Detroit.

“But I think it’s gotten easier,” she said about the long fight over the Troy station.

Some critics of the station remain convinced it was not worth its $12 million cost.

One of them is the former mayor of Troy, Janice Daniels, who fought against it and ended up being recalled amid the dispute.

Daniels said it angered her that promoters of the center said it wouldn’t cost the city anything.

Troy end up paying $1.8 million, although those funds came from cash left over from federal reimbursement of road projects.

Last year Amtrak handled 23,714 passengers in Troy, a 9 percent drop from 2015.

However, some believe that with plans in the works to increase the speed of Wolverine Service trains to 110 mph in some places that ridership will grow.

Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said 80 miles of the Chicago-Detroit route is good for that top speed with another 25 miles slated to become high-speed in the coming months.

Troy Station Stop Suspended for No. 350

July 17, 2015

Due to track work, Wolverine Service No. 350 Will Not Stop in Troy, Michigan, Monday through Saturdays through Sept. 30.

In a service advisory, Amtrak said the action is result of track improvements being made in in Indiana and Michigan.

Amtrak is directing passengers using train 350 to instead board or disembark at Dearborn, Detroit, Royal Oaks or Pontiac. No. 350 is scheduled to arrive in Troy at 2:36 p.m. from Chicago and other intermediate stops.

All other Wolverine Service trains will continue to offer daily service to Troy.

Wolverines To Begin Serving Troy on Oct. 14

October 11, 2014

Amtrak’s Wolverine Service trains will begin serving the new Troy Transit Center in suburban Detroit on Oct. 14.

Subsequently, Wolverine trains will stop for the final time at the nearby Birmingham station on Oct. 13. The Troy Transit Center is located approximately one quarter mile southeast of the Birmingham station.

The Troy station is located at 1201 Doyle Drive. Amtrak said the scheduled arrival times for Wolverine Service trains at Troy will be the same as at Birmingham.

The Wolverines operate between Chicago and Detroit (Pontiac). The Troy station is located on tracks owned by Canadian National (former Grand Trunk Western).

Grand Opening Planned for Troy Station

October 9, 2014

A grand opening ceremony to mark the opening of the Troy (Mich.) Multi-Modal Transit Center will be held on Oct. 14.

The center is expected soon to replace nearby Birmingham as a suburban Detroit stop for Amtrak’s Chicago-Detroit (Pontiac) Wolverine Service.

The Troy city council has approved a 20-year lease agreement with Amtrak that will cover all costs to operate the center. The genesis of the center dates to 2000 when a nearby property owner gave the city title to the land needed to build it. But a dispute over ownership of the land landed in court. That dispute was recently resolved.