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Bonus Time in Bellevue

August 15, 2017

The 5413 has a pair of mismatched number boards as it leads its train out of Moorman Yard on Norfolk Southern.

Whenever I go to Bellevue I figure that if I get any Wheeling & Lake Erie trains it’s a bonus.

I go to Bellevue to see Norfolk Southern and if the W&LE comes into or leaves town that is value added to my day.

Such was the case during a recent visit in which my W&LE bonus time began in Monroeville when I spotted the railroad’s business car sitting on a siding.

A few more miles down the road revealed a WE train sitting at Yeomans with its locomotives pointed eastward.

I wasn’t there when this train showed up and when I left town about 9 p.m, that night this train was still sitting where I had last seen it.

There would be yet one more W&LE bonus to be had in Bellevue. The job that interchanges with NS in Moorman Yard came out on the Brewster connection with a former Denver & Rio Grande Western SD40T-2 leading.

I doubt that anyone ever tires of seeing the Rio Grande on the Wheeling, particularly when one is leading or if two of them are paired together.

A closer view of the 5413 and its mismatched number boards as it rumbles onto the Brewster connection.

Stripes on the noses of W&LE 4000 and 6997.

A tunnel motor and a corn field.

Near Ohio Route 4 and sitting beside the trail built on the former New York Central right of way.


Update on CSX Kent Track Work

May 29, 2012

Here are a few views of the track work progress for the CSX undercutting below the Wheeling & Lake Erie’s Cleveland Subdivision in Kent.

In the first couple of photos, note the A.R.C. lettering on the cement silo. “Akron Railroad Club” maybe 🙂 🙂

CSX 78 leads the Q394 in these two views from the W&LE bridge abutments. The white ballast “road” on the left will be the Shelly Materials lead.

CSX 7778 leads a grain train as seen from ground level.

The ground level view looking west shows how much the tracks are being undercut.
Looking east, W&LE 105 leads the northbound Solon train over the CSX tracks.

Photographs by Roger Durfee