Trackside Tales

It’s the weekend, the forecast calls for sunny skies and you’ve managed to complete or put off the chores on the “to do list.” Time to head trackside.

For generations of railroad enthusiasts, weekends are a time to grab the camera and go hunt for some trains to capture. If you think about it, railfan photography expeditions are not unlike big game hunting. Some “hunters” set up in one location and wait for the trains to come to them. Others troll along a rail line with their ears glued to the radio scanner for nearby activity.

However, you choose to railfan, Trackside Tales is a collection of stories written by Akron Railroad Club members and friends about chasing trains. Some of the stories that appear here were previously published in the ARRC Bulletin. We hope that these stories bring back pleasant memories, particularly of railroads and trains that are no more. Perhaps these stories will motivate you into grabbing your camera, scanner and atlas and heading out to the tracks.

We know that Akron Railroad Club members have been going trackside for a long as the club has been in existence. The club’s founders were pleasantly surprised to learn that the others guys also were going out in Akron and watching trains.

Until the 1980s, the ARRC held meetings on Thursday nights because some members wanted to leave on Friday night to travel to where they planned to photograph trains that weekend.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ohio’s various locations to watch and photograph trains, we hope that these stories will provide you with some ideas of where you can catch trains and the best places to photograph them.

We’re glad that you came along for the ride and we hope you enjoy the trip.

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