Easter Egg Hunt Proves Successful

After seeing photos on the Akron Railroad Club blog of the Nickel Plate Road heritage unit of Norfolk Southern, and knowing it would be laying over still, I decided to chase that unit down.

After Easter brunch with my family, I got out around 3 p.m. with high hopes. On my way to the freeway, however, I was stopped by the Wheeling Solon train (darn!).

I gave chase since the sun was peeking out and I was rewarded with the 101 in the lead. The 101 is the Pittsburgh & West Virginia heritage unit (actually ordered by the P&WV but was delivered to Norfolk & Western after the 1964 merger).

Geez this thing is almost 50 years old but still serving well. That’s a good omen for sure.

After getting some pictures, I continued to Ashtabula and upon arrival caught an eastbound NS on the NKP main (another good omen).

Continuing on to the ore yard, I arrived to find 8100 well lit and, oh no, facing north. Well, I got some pictures, but was a little disappointed.

Yet there were crews in the yard and the engines were idling. Hmmm, maybe if I just wait a bit they might move.

I waited almost an hour and was about to leave when a crewman boarded the 8100. This is either good or bad. In this case, though, it was good because the units moved toward me and under the bridge I was standing on.

Then they switched tracks and backed through the yard around the loop track and back and NKP 8100 was facing me.

The units again went under the bridge and back to tie on to an outbound ore train. Unfortunately this train didn’t leave immediately and it would be dark soon.

Leaving the yard going south on Route 11, I saw a headlight on the CSX main. I did a U-turn where the sign says not to (don’t try this at home). I caught a light engine move for my final shot of the day. It was a successful Easter egg hunt if there ever was one.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

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