Pennsy E Units Pass Through Youngstown

The private car chater “Pacific Express” rounds the curve at Hubbard, Ohio, and passes a former Conrail caboose on Sunday, August 7, 2011.

The E8A locomotives painted in a Pennsylvania Railroad livery and owned by Bennett Levin made their second 2011 appearance in Ohio on Sunday (August 7, 2011). The locomotives pulled a chartered private car train named the Pacific Express through the Youngstown area.

The train name mirrored that of a former Erie passenger train that in its final years in the 1960s primarily carried mail and express. The Erie Lackawanna discontinued the Pacific Express and its eastbound counterpart, the Atlantic Express, in July 1965.

The train originated in Hoboken, New Jersey, on Friday morning and its itinerary was designed to maximize “rare mileage” in daylight. After spending the night in Meadville, the train departed Sunday morning on a foray down a former Erie Railroad branch to Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Much of the trip’s travel on Friday, Saturday and Sunday was over former Erie track. The Franklin branch is now operated by the Western New York & Pennsylvania. A pair of the WNY&P Alcos led the six-car train back to Meadville.

The train then rode the former Erie mainline to Hubbard, Ohio, where it joined the former New York Central Youngstown Line. Upon leaving Youngstown, the Pacific Express, was on former Pennsylvania Railroad rails. After spending the night in Pittsburgh, the train continued on to Philadelphia.

The weather changed dramatically as the day wore on. The morning in Pennsylvania featured rain and overcast skies. These had given way to sun and clouds by the time the train reached Ohio and passed through Youngstown.

The consist of the Pacific Express was E8 No. 5711, E8 No. 5809 and private cars Mount Vernon, Cimarron River, Swift Stream, Caritas, Chapel Hill, Warrior Ridge and PRR 120.

Article and Photographs by Craig Sanders

Passing over the Shanango River at Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Private car Cimarron River came clad in a Frisco livery. Other railroads represented by liveries on the “Pacific Express” were New York Central, Pennsylvania and Chesapeake & Ohio.

E8A Nos. 5711 and 5809 sparkle in the early afternoon sunlight at Lowellville, Ohio, on the Norfolk Southern Youngstown Line. This is former Pennsylvania Railroad trackage.

A pair of passengers enjoy the view as the “Pacific Express” passes through Hubbard, Ohio. They are standing on the porch of Pennsylvania 120, a former PRR business car.

A pair of Western New York & Pennsylvania Alcos pull the “Pacific Express” just north of Franklin, Pennsylvania, along the French River.

The E units trailed as the private car train passed through Cochranton, Pennsylvania.

While traveling to Greenville, we observed that the Canadian National dispatcher had lined a move on the former Bessemer & Lake Erie. Shortly thereafter, the detector went off at Hartstown. A light power move approaches the Atlantic Road crossing.

While waiting for the private car train to arrive in Sharon, a Meadville-bound Norfolk Southern freight passed by. The train is approaching the bridge over the Shenango River.

A gondola brings up the rear of the NS freight train crossing the Shenango River in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

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