Roger Durfee’s Photo Gallery

Ready to depart from Franklin to return to Meadville.

Akron Railroad Club member Roger Durfee was among those who chased after the passenger special pulled by E8A locomotives wearing the Pennsylvania Railroad livery. Roger said there were a few too many photographers chasing the train for his choice and he kept looking for a steam locomotive as a result.

The E8s were pulling the Pacific Express, a private car train that on Sunday, August 7, 2011, made its way from Meadville, Pennsylvania, to Pittsburgh via Youngstown, Ohio. It also made a trip up and down a branch line between Meadville and Franklin, Pennsylvania, that is operated by the Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad.

The WNY&P Alcos pass through cornfields near Meadville.

Arriving at the yard in Meadville.

The excursion train pauses in the yard in Meadville. The yard tower is shown at right.

A pair of Western New York & Pennsylvania locomotives idle in the Norfolk Southern yard in Meadville as the passenger special prepares to depart.

The "Pacific Express" crosses the former Bessemer & Lake Erie, now Canadian National, at "Bess" in Shanango, Pennsylvania.

At Sharpsville, Pennsylaniva, where a section of double track starts.

Near Ferrona Yard in Sharon, Pennsylvania.

Coming through Hubbard, Ohio.

CP Hubbard where the original Erie mainline tied into the former New York Central Youngstown Line.

2 Responses to “Roger Durfee’s Photo Gallery”

  1. Mark Llanuza Says:

    I really enjoyed the beautiful sound show you put on Youtube of the Erie Lackawana .The music you used was outstanding.I would to buy a copy of this if you are willing to make and sell one.I have been a Erie fan since the 70’s and chased down the last final days of operations way back in March 1976

  2. Mark Llanuza Says:

    Would it be possbile to buy a DVD of your excellent sound show of the Erie i saw on youtube .I really liked it .I remember following the Erie on its last days of operations .Its sad to see it all gone
    mark Llanuza

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