The Snow, The Fog and CSX Trains

CSX Q138, led by the 5440 leaves Willard amid a winter wonderland. The view was captured on February 8, 2010. (Photographs by Roger Durfee)

Northeast Ohio residents are no strangers to snow and ice. As annoying and inconvenient as winter weather can be, it also presents a beauty that no other season can match.

Akron Railroad Club member Roger Durfee headed west from his home in Cuyahoga Falls on Monday, February 8, to Willard to capture these stunning winter shots of CSX trains in the snow, ice and fog.

Also included in this gallery as a few images he captured while taking his wife to Geneva on February 19.  There aren’t any trains in the images, but there is much winter beauty to admire.

Someone must be an Ohio State fan at Feathering Hills as a CSX train passes by a picture-perfect winter scene.

CSX 2443, the yard puller, works a cut of cars at Willard Yard.

It is as thought mother nature used a spray gun to coat the trees. Q364 makes it way eastward at Boughtonville.

A pair of BSNF units hustle the Q393 past Feathering Hills.

A westbound CSX ethanol train with Canadian Paciific power in the lead waits at Attica Junctition for a southbound NS train.

Fixing a rail pull apart in Willard Yard.

A pair of BSNF units, including a former Santa Fe warbonnet, kicks up the snow with the Q393 at GN tower in Greenwich.

CSX and Wheeling and Lake Erie trains meet at GN Tower in Greenwich.

Wheeling and Lake Erie No. 4000 passes GN Tower in Greenwich with a train bound for Willard. The Wheeling has trackage rights on CSX between Williard and New London. The W&LE Carey line diverges from CSX at GN Tower.

Its a scene worthy of a Currier and Ives print. The scene is just off Edwards Road in Greenwich.

The covered bridge and waterfall near Harpersfield.

The Grand River lighthouse as seen from Mentor Headlands State Park.

"Frozen" waves lap at the shore of Mentor Headlands State Park. Hard to believe that hundreds of people flock to this beach on summer weekends, but winter won't last forever.

No matter what the season, Lake Erie has a never-ending charm. The view is from a bed and breakfast inn in Geneva-on-the-Lake.

3 Responses to “The Snow, The Fog and CSX Trains”

  1. rosa6officinalis Says:

    Hey !
    Those landscapes are incredibles… I do like those photos, good job !
    Thanks a lot for sharing, and take care. 🙂

  2. BBHall Says:

    Who took the covered bridge photo in Harpersfield?

  3. Tom Says:

    Hey guys, They that top picture on top is about 4 or 5 miles from Boughtenville. That train is at RX East at Willard. 🙂

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