UP Centennial Diesel Ferries Through NE Ohio

centennial 035_17958683744_l

After waiting the past three days, the Union Pacific DD40AX centennial locomotive No. 6944 came through the Akron/Cleveland area on Sunday evening.

It had spent almost the last year getting a new paint job at Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Part of why it took this long is the extreme length of the engine. It is about 105 feet long.

Also, the old paint job contained lead-based paint, which took extra care to remove.

After moving from Altoona to Conway on Thursday it was supposed to continue its journey on Friday.

Unfortunately, it developed problems with the train air line and had to be removed for repairs. On Saturday it still remained in Conway and it appeared it would stay there until Sunday.

About dinnertime on Sunday, the Internet started to blow up with reports that 6944 would indeed be moving west on NS train 35N.

I drove to Alliance got several freights and the 35N arrived.

A short but intense chase then ensued on parallel state route 183 to Atwater.  I managed to get several locations but was blocked by another train at Limaville.

Online reports indicated that the 35N passed through Macedonia at 7:33 p.m., Brook Park at 8:35 p.m., Berea at 8 40 p.m., Amherst at 9:05 p.m., Sandusky at 9:50 p.m., and Swanton (west of Toledo) at 1:10 a.m.

Article and Photographs by Todd Dillon

centennial 028_18555063066_l

centennial 029_18555063086_l

centennial 034_17958683764_l



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