UP Has 24 Active ‘Heritage’ Locomotives

Trains magazine reported this week that Union Pacific still has 24 active locomotives that continue to sport the predecessor railroad liveries.

UP has about 8,000 locomotives and most of them wear Armour yellow and gray paint.

Among the heritage units still working for UP in their original colors are four former Chicago & North Western units, 12 former Southern Pacific units, and eight former St. Louis Southwestern (Cotton Belt) units.

Ex-C&NW units include C44-9W Nos. 9696, 9741, 9771, and AC4400CW No. 6706.

Ex-SP units include, GP40-2 No. 1413; GP60s Nos. 1015, 1053, 1066, 1124; and AC4400CW Nos. 6236, 6290, 6310, 6318, 6367, 6378, 6379.

Ex-Cotton Belt units include GP60s Nos. 1004, 1005, 1011, 1055, 1068, 1076, 1089, 1158.

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