Where a Movie Was Once Made

In writing my posts last week about the New York & Lake Erie Railroad excursion train that Marty Surdyk and I chased on June 13, I was reminded of how some of the train scenes in the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles were made on that railroad.

The film, starring John Candy as Del Griffith and Steve Martin as Neal Page, included a scene where the two of them boarded a train at Stubbville, Kansas.

That was actually South Dayton, New York, and it is the first trackside sequence shown in the movie, which also featured scenes of the the train rounding a curve popping into and out of a short tunnel.

During an Akron Railroad Club/Railroad Enthusiasts photo charter on the NY&LE on April 26, 1987, club members had the opportunity for cab rides on locomotive 1013.

I was fortunate that my cab ride included a trip through the tunnel, which is the remnants of a former Erie Railroad branch from Dunkirk, New York, that passed over the ex-Erie line from Buffalo.

The top photo shows a runby at a tunnel at Dayton, New York, earlier in the day of April 26, 1987.

The middle image is my cab ride through tunnel while the last image is a runby through the tunnel similar to what is seen in the movie.

Photographs by Edward Ribinskas

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