FRA Issues Long Train Advisory

The Federal Railroad Administration last week released an advisory regarding train length.

The advisory addresses train makeup and, the agency said in a statement, seeks “to increase awareness of the potential complexities associated with operating longer trains, and push railroads to take appropriate measures to address those complexities to ensure safety.”

In issuing the advisory the FRA cited three derailments involving long trains, two of which occurred in Ohio on Norfolk Southern.

The Ohio derailments occurred in Springfield on March 4 and in Ravenna last November. All three of the derailments involved trains of more than 200 cars, a length of at least 12,500 feet, and a weight of more than 17,000 tons.

Eight recommendations are made in the advisory pertaining to changes to crew training; train handling procedures; train makeup; distributed power unit requirements; limitations to length or tonnage; speed restrictions; track, mechanical, and brake inspection; and maintenance requirements necessary to ensure safe operations of longer trains.

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