CVSR to Add 3 New Feature Cars Next Month

The Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad expects to reveal next month three new feature cars, one appealing to children, one a luxury coach-lounge, with the third a rolling executive board room or party car.

All three cars are being transformed from existing equipment at the CVSR’s Fitzwater shops.

Car No. 162 is being rebuilt into an Edu-trainment Car designed to appeal to children.

The car began life in 1949 as a 21-roomette sleeper for the Pennsylvania Railroad. The Pennsy rebuilt it in 1963 into a 76-seat coach.

Before coming to the CVSR the car ran on Maryland Area Regional Commuter trains.

Akron Metro acquired No. 162 from MARC for a possible commuter service that never materialized. It has since been conveyed to the CVSR.

Once rebuilt, the Edu-trainment Car will be a museum and play place with interactive railroad-related exhibits, programming and activities.

CVSR President Joseph W. Mazur said the railroad consulted with children’s museums in Cleveland and Akron and Cleveland about how to create exhibits that would appeal to children and hold their interest during a long train ride.

Coach Car No. 6217 will become the executive coach. During its rebuilding, most of the coach seats are being removed and the remaining seats are being given more leg room.

Tables are being added to serve drinks, snacks or hors d’oeuvres. The car is also getting new carpeting, curtains, restroom upgrades and electrical improvements.

Mazur said the car will be available to be rented by families, businesses or organizations looking to hold a special occasion excursion.

Car 6217 was built by the Budd Company in 1947 for the Seaboard Coast Line.

Workers are converting Rail Diesel Car-1 M-3 into a place for board meetings or private parties.

Sidelined for several years, the RDC last saw service on the Canton line.

It will have a lounge area, a bar, table seating for board meetings and its own restroom.

Mazur said the CVSR is approached on occasion by corporations or individuals seeking to charter a train for exclusive trips. But the cost of renting a locomotive and a car or two can be prohibitive.

He said the RDC can operate on its own at less cost and with fewer staff while providing a “cool” setting for a meeting, lunch or dinner.

“People nowadays are looking for unique experiences,” Mazur said.

The RDC was built in 1950 for the New York Susquehanna & Western Railway.

The work on all three cars is being funded by the CVSR’s $5 million Powering Ahead campaign.

The cars are expected to be shown during the annual fundraiser set for Sept. 20.

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