Repairs Begin on Strasburg Steam Locomotive Damaged in Crash with Construction Equipment

A screen shot of a Virtual Railfan webcam feed shows N&W 475 just before it struck construction equipment.

Repair work has begun on a Strasburg Rail Road steam locomotive that struck construction equipment on Wednesday.

Former Norfolk & Western 4-8-0 No. 475 struck an excavator on a spur truck as it was running around its train at Paradise, Pennsylvania.

The collision damaged the locomotive’s smokebox and headlight. A diesel locomotive was dispatched to pull the train back to Strasburg.

Railfan & Railroad magazine reported on its website that repair work to the 475 began on Thursday and officials were unsure when the engine would return to service.

The Federal Railroad Administration has begun an investigation into the collison, which was shown live on a web camera operated by Virtual Railfan.

The video of the crash can be seen at

The video shows the locomotive engineer waving at passengers aboard the train shortly before the crash.

The 425 went through a misaligned switch that had been left open by the crew that had operated the excavator.

Strasburg rail officials told Railfan & Railroad they will use the incident as a training tool to ensure that such an incident doesn’t happen again.

There were no injuries as a result of the collision.

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