Friendly Wave at Alliance

It’s July 1972 in Alliance. The fireman of Penn Central Alco C628 No. 6314 is giving a friendly wave as the train enters the Bayard Branch on its way to Conway Yard near Pittsburgh. Also in the motive power consist are PC 6314, 6300, and 6317. The track under the rear trucks of No. 6314 is the Fort Wayne Line to Canton and Chicago.

Photograph by Robert Farkas

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One Response to “Friendly Wave at Alliance”

  1. Paul Stumpff Says:

    I have had a few entries on NYC and PRR igroups about the pole target signals that were at Alliance into deep in the PC era, perhaps Conrail. As you can see high above the street overpass truss bridge is a pole target showing the horizontal position [C&P line has crossing rights]. This picture is in 1972 and it is still in use. Trying to find out when crossing was finally protected by interlocking signals.
    Paul S.

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