Amtrak Unveils Phase VII Livery

Amtrak SC-42 No. 309 is the first Charger to wear the new Phase VII livery (Amtrak photo)

The long awaited Amtrak Phase VII livery has been released. It is a two-tone blue scheme with white trim and a splash of red paint along the side contours of the nose and roof. There is a red stripe along the bottom of the car body.

Amtrak released a photograph of Charger ALC-42 No. 309 wearing the livery at the Siemens Mobility assembly plant.

The 309 left Sacramento, California, on Thursday on the California Zephyr and passed through Northeast Ohio Monday morning on the Capitol Limited.

No. 30 arrived in Cleveland at 4:37 a.m., nearly three hours late. The motive power consist included P42DC No. 25 on the point along with the 309 and SC-42 No. 308.

The latter is the last Charger to be released in the Phase VI livery. No. 30 also had a six-car consist. Earlier in the year it ran with four cars and of late has had five cars.

The Chargers are to undergo Amtrak’s acceptance process at the carrier’s shops in Wilmington, Delaware.

In a news release, Amtrak said the Phase VII livery will be applied to the remaining Charger locomotives it has on order with Siemens.

The first nine chargers received a Phase VI livery that was somewhat similar in appearance to Phase VII.

The Amtrak news release said the white arcs that separate the red and blue areas of the locomotive are meant to echo the Amtrak herald.

The news release quoted Amtrak CEO Stephen Gardner as saying the new livery “reflects the transformation underway at Amtrak as we welcome back our loyal customers while introducing new generations to rail travel.”

The white also was designed to add additional visibility and safety, Amtrak officials said.

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